[email protected] 11:11 09 Mar 2013

Not a computer problem but any advice would be very welcome.My wife and I would like to buy an e-reader and like the looks of the Sony PRS-T2 Reader.We would be able to download books from the Sony bookstore which is OK.However,we would also like to download books from our local library,which will be free from April 1st,but we are not sure if that would be allowed with this reader.Anyone know if we could? Apparently a Kindle is a non starter for e-readers.

  lotvic 11:44 09 Mar 2013

You will have to check with your Library to find out which e-readers they support.

  Ian in Northampton 12:14 09 Mar 2013

Why is a Kindle a non-starter for e-readers?

  difarn 12:23 09 Mar 2013

I have been using a Kindle since they first came out and it is very good - have got the 3g one and have ordered new books in seconds while on holiday in far-flung places with no problem. It also has the facility to store music and documents and surf the web. It is extremely easy to use and read from.

  Woolwell 12:33 09 Mar 2013

One of the touted advantages of Sony Readers is the ability to borrow from a public library however in practice there are only a few that offer this service. See Sony list.

I have had 2 Sony readers. The first died on me after 2-3 years. The second is the PRS-T1. It is a good reader and, in my opinion, is easier to navigate around a book than my wife's Kindle. It is slow to start up and was more expensive and I'm not sure the price difference was worth it. Books can be obtained from the Sony Store, Kobo and some other on-line resources. Prices are comparable to Amazon.

  [email protected] 13:35 09 Mar 2013

Apologies Kindle users.I have been told that if you purchase from Amazon then you can only download books via Amazon and so my local library would be a non-starter.

  difarn 16:02 09 Mar 2013

No offence taken. You can download e-books from some other sources other than Amazon but they have launched a Kindle lending library.

I believe that it is not possible at the moment to download them from libraries in the UK - this does happen in the USA and may eventually filter through to here.

One advantage of the Kindle is the wealth of book choices available via Amazon - many free titles, particularly classics.

  Woolwell 16:29 09 Mar 2013

difarn - "One advantage of the Kindle is the wealth of book choices available via Amazon - many free titles, particularly classics." Sorry that isn't an advantage free titles, especially the classics are available for the Sony.

Note also that for the Amazon lending that you have to be a member of Amazon Prime at a cost of £49 per year. The lending from UK libraries is free.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 09 Mar 2013

Yes you cannot lend kindle books with DRM

However there are many books out there without DRM and Calibre will convert books from one format to another. So if you cannot het you book DRM free in one type it will probably be available in another and can be converted.

I have a hard drive that has approx 16000 DRM free, kindle books which is more that my local library holds (shutting down for the next 6 months glad I have my kindle),

  lotvic 17:09 09 Mar 2013

I get my books from all over the place via my pc and store them on hard drive on pc and just transfer as wanted (drag and drop or Calibre or kindle on pc) via usb to my kindle e-reader.

  tullie 18:06 09 Mar 2013

Download Calibre to convert books to the Kindle format

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