E-moblizer is it necessary if you've been hacked

  mcheathen 14:15 06 Aug 2013

Anyone heard of this e-mobilizer ltd. They seem ligit, but \re their services actually necessary if your PC has been hacked and a trojon put in.

  wiz-king 15:23 06 Aug 2013


  lotvic 20:49 06 Aug 2013

If you mean the pay for tech support company at about £10 a month, (or any of the pay for tech support companies) then legit or not I don't consider that necessary for a home user. These firms take remote control of your pc and supposedly 'fix' it. Smacks a little of those scam phone calls you get that say they are MS Tech Support and have detected a problem...

If you are having a problem with your pc mcheathen, then you could start a thread on here and get advice for nothing.

  mcheathen 20:55 06 Aug 2013

The person with the problem found they link while trying to get into her Hotmail account - but I can't find it when I go to Hotmail. Her computer is going slow and she got locked out of both her Facebook and Hotmail accounts.

E-Mobilizer Ltd did a scan of her computer and said there was a trojon on it and told her that a payment of £100 would get it removed and her system would be secure for up to one year. I told her that it is likely to be a scam, but she is adamant that it is on the level.

I did a Google on E-Mobilizer Ltd and ligit company does show up, but not sure that this is the same one she got. She even phoned them up from a number she got after clicking on a link.

  lotvic 22:15 06 Aug 2013

Here's the info you wanted on the company click here Date: 22 May 2013 (2 Months old), Financial Year End: 31 May, Capital: £3.00 on 22 May 2013

Maybe now she'll listen to you.


  wee eddie 23:27 06 Aug 2013

She's been conned ~ If she used her Credit Card - Change the password as soon as possible.

Scan the PC with Malwarebytes (Free Version - bottom left) and Spybot S&D as well as her usual Anti Virus.

  mcheathen 00:50 07 Aug 2013

Thanks lotvik - I'll show her the link. Fortunately she never paid for it, but she would have done if she had enough money in the bank.

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