E-mails and a Virus ?

  Morpheus© 10:08 06 May 2003

hi all, I know about never opening an attachment when you do not know who it is from, but could someone tell me,....could a virus be let loose by opening an email....the reason i ask is, this PC was affected last week with a virus, and i am still trying to work out how i got it.

thanks for your time......

  billyliv 11:59 06 May 2003

Hi, YES. The best thing to do is disable your Preview Pane. Then you have to double click on the mail to open it. suspicious looking mail can be deleted by single clicking the mail and then hitting Delete. No viruses, No probs. Cheers, Bill Ps. Norton AV gives you notification if a (known)virus is contained in the mail.

  Morpheus© 12:08 06 May 2003

Thanks for that, in that case that is how i got stuffed, the preview pane is already off,i always just click delete without bothering to look, i think the brain must have been out of gear and i opened an email up, restarted the PC half an hour later..and that was it..

thanks again

the virus, out of interest was


  techpro 12:31 06 May 2003

From a description of this virus it looks as if it propagates by exploiting a loophole in Windows File and Printer Sharing. It doesn't come via email. Are you using a firewall?

  Morpheus© 12:41 06 May 2003

strange you should say that, i have Zone-alarm, but, and it is a big but, i think that while i was trying to link two PC's together via a wireless link it was switched off...i was connected to the net for 3 or 4 hours before it was put back on.. :-(((((

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