E-mails not getting through

  Bingalau 14:37 15 Jan 2008

For some reason my E-mails have suddenly stopped getting through. I am wondering if it is because I deleted all my "Spyware" yesterday. That is the only thing I can think of but I don't know how to reverse whatever it was I did. I am on Outlook Express. Incidentally I also had to log in to this site for the first time in weeks. Anybody know what I have perhaps, done wrong?

  jack 14:46 15 Jan 2008

Doing a cleanup[such as Cclean will unless you untick the box] get rid of all cookies thus another round of logging on.
As for E-mails not gewtting through
depends on what you are fining - one mose you PoP setting could hasve been deleted also so look to option/tools /accounts and check it out

  rawprawn 15:07 15 Jan 2008

System Restore ?

  Bingalau 15:34 15 Jan 2008

rawprawn. Thanks, but have tried System Restore and it made no difference. Took a screen shot of the error screen hoping it might mean something to someone. (just means nothing to me though).
click here

jack... Sorry but I can't make head nor tail of your advice either, though I know it is well intended. Thanks..

  johnnyrocker 15:39 15 Jan 2008

click here= might be of use


  Woolwell 15:43 15 Jan 2008

Check if your ISP's webmail is working.
Check that your Outlook Express account settings haven't become corrupted,
It could be that yout ISP's server is temporarily down.
Deleted cookies could cause you to have to log on to this site.

  mfletch 15:48 15 Jan 2008


What Antvirus and Antispyware + firewall are you using,

Check to see if more than one has a mail scanner you should only run one mail scanner,


  Bingalau 17:17 15 Jan 2008

mfletch. Just what is automatically supplied by Virgin Cable Broadband.

  silverous 17:37 15 Jan 2008

It would help to know what "deleted all my spyware" means in practice ?

Which spyware and what was the tool and what action did you take?

I can't see why removing spyware should cause this unless somehow the spyware was intertwined with outlook express.

Having to log into this site is cookies and if they have been included as spyware (e.g. if they are tracking cookies) then that is to be expected and not a fault as such.

Do you get any errors when you try to download email? Is it incoming and outgoing email? Are their emails sat in your outbox or that you know are sat on your ISP's mail server waiting for you?

  Bingalau 19:42 15 Jan 2008

silverous. I used the tool which comes with Virgin Broadband PC Guard. I had just finished running an anti-virus scan and decided to run the anti-spyware scan. when it finished it gave me the option of deleting all the spyware found. So I clicked on "yes". Maybe I shouldn't have done so, but at the time it sounded like a good idea to me. I have managed to send a couple of e-mails out, direct from the "My Documents". But can get nothing to come through my "In box". I have used the link provided by johnny rocker (see above) but have got nowhere after following it closely. I suppose I will have to get on the phone to Virgin Broadband and see if they can sort me out.

  mfletch 19:48 15 Jan 2008


You could try deleting your inbox just in case it is corrupted?

You can create a new Inbox folder using the following steps:
1. Exit Outlook Express.
2. Search your hard drive for Inbox.dbx and delete this file.
3. Restart Outlook Express. A new empty Inbox folder is created automatically.

PS/ This will delete all messages in your inbox


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