e-mails being delivered to the wrong mailbox

  PAE 20:44 09 Oct 2003

I have set myself up with a second mailbox to use when contacting suppliers etc. The idea being to reduce Spam coming to my main mailbox. The problem is that any acknowledgements still get sent to the main mailbox despite my using the new address on orders, enquiries etc.

I can send mail to myself from one box to the other or direct to the same box. The addresses are considerably different to avoid typos.

Any help would be appreciated.

  PAE 09:24 10 Oct 2003

TBH1 & Jester2K II

I have added another e-mail address with NTL and opened up another account in OE6.

I did notice last night when I sent a message from my 'Main Identity' that the other identity name flashed briefly in the blu bar at the top of the screen.

The 'Main Identity is set as default. Could that be the problem?

  Stuartli 09:39 10 Oct 2003

OE's Help section outlines in detail how to set up multiple e-mail accounts.

  PAE 18:38 10 Oct 2003

I have looked into all the above recommendations but apart from mesage rules I already gone through those steps.

With regard to message rules there doesn't seem to be a rule for' when recipient's is ...'.

On the face of it it should work but doesn't.

Any more ideas would be welcome because I do want to keep my private mail seperate from the rest.


  PAE 10:32 12 Oct 2003

I have tried your method and it seem to work up to a point. I created two folders one attached to my main Inbox and one to my stored e-mails. I had a message sent to me which arrived in the new stored e-mails folder. I wouldn't be able to see if anything had arrived without opening up my storage folders. I really would like it to show on the new inbox folder. Does yours work that way?

  PAE 09:09 15 Oct 2003

Not yet I am going to try your setup and see. The funny thing is I can send to myself box to box alright it just seem to be external incoming mail that is the problem.
I will close this thread for now and suck it and see.

Thanks to everyone for your advice.

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