e-mails in 10 pt text print much bigger

  Trikie 10:48 24 Aug 2005

Recently my printer has started using very large (about 18pt) when printing e-mails, yet the original e-mail is 10pt.

Presumably I have inadvertently altered a setting - any advice on how to get it back to the same size?


  Diodorus Siculus 12:43 24 Aug 2005

What operating system and what email program?

  Trikie 13:56 24 Aug 2005

Sorry - XP and SP1 with Outlook Express.,

  Stuartli 18:37 24 Aug 2005

In OE go to View>Text Size and set to Medium. It may require more than one go.

  Stuartli 18:38 24 Aug 2005

You will also need to do the same in IE if you use it (they are interlinked).

  Trikie 21:22 24 Aug 2005

Thanks. Text Size is greyed out in OE but I've altered it in IE and will see how it goes.

  palinka 16:47 25 Aug 2005

Try this: Highlight the email, right click somewhere in it and choose Copy; then open a new Word doc and click Paste.
This has 2 advantages - you can now manipulate the text as you would with any Word doc.; and you can print out the full email message without all the stuff at the top which includes email addresses of every recipient - I often receive short messages sent to 20+people and the list of recipients is longer than the message.

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