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  mickyc 17:43 07 Dec 2004

Having designed a single web page xmas card in Frontpage 2002,I am now trying to e-mail it to friends - however the page arrives without the gifs - just placeholders with an X in the top left corner appear :( Can anybody please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to overcome this?

Thanks :)

  Forum Editor 19:29 07 Dec 2004

you aren't sending the images - they are still on your hard drive. When you create a page in FrontPage (or any other web design application) and place images on the page, the images are not included with the page file. They are simply referenced in the placeholders, and are uploaded to the server in an images folder when you first publish the site. Each time a visitor calls a page by clicking on one of the site's navigation buttons the server gets the images from the folder and places them into the page for that person's browser to download.

If you want to send a page to friends you must save it as an HTML file (select that file type from the File/save as menu option), although you should be aware that any special FrontPage elements - such as hover buttons - will not be visible when the recipient opens the page in his/her browser. They are also a server-side element, and will not save with the page file.

  mickyc 09:25 08 Dec 2004

thanks for the info :).

I tried this and I can't find a Save as HTML option - only save as hypertext style sheet, hypertext template, Active Server pages,frontpage template or webpages are offered within FP (. I tried a save as html from internet explorer but still only get place holders that are referencing my hard drive instead of the graphics :s

I am using FP2002, SP3.

Any ideas what I am still doing wrong please?

  jazzman747 20:39 10 Dec 2004

When sending webpages via email it can be a good idea to actualy put the images online.

For example set up a free yahoo account, go to the free webspace area, create a folder and add your images, then open them in your browser, copy the address text from the address bar, then when you make your webpage use the links you have copied as your image location rather than you hard drive.

When your emails are opened the images should download from the server . . this is very easy.

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