E-mailing from a list in Excel

  GroupFC 21:49 26 Sep 2008

I am a Cub scout leaders in my spare(!) time.

I have all the young peoples’ records on Excel spreadsheets with information such as name, address etc. and crucially e- mail addresses. What I would like to do from time to time is send an e-mail to all on the list. I realise it is possible to set up a group in OE, which is indeed what I do at the moment. However as people leave and join, I amend the spreadsheet, but don’t always remember to amend the Group in my address book!

The relevant addresses are on the spreadsheet from cells J10 to J42.

Is it possible (in the simplest possible terms, please!) to do what I want?

  Taff™ 07:34 27 Sep 2008

You should look at Mail Merging from Word using the Excel file as your data source. (You merge to e-mail in fact)What version of Word do you have and do you also have Outlook (not express)? This is a basic walk through click here

  VoG II 07:43 27 Sep 2008

Or with code click here

  GroupFC 09:58 27 Sep 2008

Umm that all looks a bit complicated - I shall have to have a study and see if I can get my head around it!

I am using Word 2000, and I do have Outlook (but use OE as my e-mail client). Having had a trawl around the 'net most of the references refer to Outlook when using mail merge - would it woerk with OE?

It looks to me as if mail merge might be the way to go, as I am no good with code (never ever done any!). Having looked at VoG™'s link, I don't think it is what I am looking for, as the message appears to be included in the code.

What I am looking for basically is some way to compose an e-mail, and then send it sometimes to everyone on the list, and sometimes to only a few selected ones (for example, I might need to send a reminder about subs, Remembrance Day parade, etc. to all the Cubs, but details about trips out, camps etc. only to those that expressed an interest in attending).

Any more help/suggestions will be gratefully received!

  Taff™ 12:07 27 Sep 2008

I do this all the time with Word and Outlook. I`m pretty sure you have to use Outlook. Personally I wouldn`t use the wizard method. First of all you need to get Outlook up and running and import your settings from OE. Then open Word and get the Mail Merge Toolbar visible. Select a datasource being the excel file. Then simply insert Merge Fields. If you can`t grasp this quickly drop me a PM via the envelope and I`ll try and sort out some more detailed instructions. (I shan`t be around much today - Rugby Season!)

  GroupFC 13:35 27 Sep 2008

"(I shan`t be around much today - Rugby Season!)" - I know what you mean!

Most of my time is taken up with ferrying one or other (or both!)of my boys (u11 & u14) to one fixture or another! It's even more time-consuming now that one is in "minis" and the other in "juniors", and the u14 has been selected for the County squad!

Thanks for the offer - I'll see how I get on before I bother you for more help.

Enjoy the game!


  Taff™ 22:15 29 Sep 2008

Which part of the country are you in? Don`t hesitate to ask if you need some more assistance - Rugby fraternity takes precedence over forum, so just drop me a PM via the yellow envelope.

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