E-Mail Worm keeps targeting my e-mail address...

  warren2004g 02:29 04 Jan 2005

I keep recieving an e-mail containing a worm in an attachment from the same group of people's e-mail addresses all the time. This then prevents me from downloading further legitimate e-mails until I download and delete the message from the mailserver. Is there a good method to remove this threat from re-ocurring?

  Gongoozler 09:29 04 Jan 2005

Hi warren2004g, I think the only way of preventing this happening is to make sure that you, your friends and your friends' friends all have up-to-date antivirus on their computers. These worms find an unprotected computer and use their address books to distribute themselves spoofed as being from the addresses in those address books. It amazes me that with such good free antivirus software available there are still so many unprotected computers using the internet.

  warren2004g 14:22 05 Jan 2005

It is a business address, and our software is all up to date, but it still keeps blocking off mail coming in. Because the virus checker detects the worm mail and then deletes it, the outlook express does not download the other mail that remains on the server. This happens until outlook express is restarted and the other mail can then be downloaded. What I am actually trying to do is, stop the mail server from recieving the worm in the first place.

  ste_bla 14:29 05 Jan 2005

You could log onto the web based email server and delete it that way not a cure but might help you a little

  VCR97 20:17 05 Jan 2005

Might this help? Mailwasher will allow you to preview all messages in complete safety without downloading them. You can tick to delete (and blacklist if you wish) then MW will get rid of the rubbish and download the legit stuff via Outlook Express. click here

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