e-mail from word 2003

  Ellion 11:16 18 Oct 2005

I regularly have to send an order via email. The order is a table needing text added, and is an RTF document. The file is opened in word 2003 and the relevant text is added. I then click on the button to email. However when it reaches its recipient the table has increased considerably in size, especially over the width, which makes it a pain to print as it no longer fits on one sheet. I have tried sending in RTF format and HTML. I have also tried various options of saving the original table in different formats, but none seem to make any difference, it still increases in size.
I use Outlook (not express) to email as does the recipient. I have also tried sending to a different computer but the same thing happens, so I presume the error is at my end. Any help would be appreciated.

  Taff36 11:43 18 Oct 2005

Change it to a Word Document (*.doc) and make sure that Word is set to be your e-mail editor in Outlook.

Also you may need to format the table in Word so that the cells are a fixed size and not set to expand to suit the text.

Post back if you have problems - I`ve some experience of this one!

  Ellion 12:35 18 Oct 2005

I had already tried these but just in case I've been through and tried again but still the same result.

  Taff36 13:42 18 Oct 2005

Are you working with Office 2003 as well? Or is it a stand alone version of Word using a different version of Outlook?

See my thread here click here now resolved but not quite the same problem as yours.

I have two laptops at the moment - One with Office 2003 and the other with 2002. Providing your order isn`t confidential - drop me a personal message using the envelope. I`ll reply and you could send me a copy of the e-mail and document. I`ll take a quick look but it must be this afternoon. I`m away at an exhibition all day tomorrow.

  Ellion 14:24 18 Oct 2005

I have tried to email but I keep getting an error message.
Yes we are using Office 2003

  Taff36 15:47 18 Oct 2005

e-mail on the way to you.

  Taff36 22:59 20 Oct 2005

Received a copy of the offending .rtf document from Ellion. Note that the document cannot be changed to a Word .doc because existing software can only use rtf formats.

Tried the document on both Office 2002 and 2003 and e-mailed between them directly from Word - not as an attachment. I can see the problem.

I`ve worked entirely in .rtf format and tidied it up and it now works on my machines. (Simple formatting) A copy of this document has been sent via e-mail to Ellion and hopefully he will confirm if he can receive it and print it on one A4 sheet. Then I`ll reveal all!

  Taff36 08:43 22 Oct 2005

Success - It works so I`ll send an amended copy of their master document. Here`s what I did:

Opened the Rich Text Format documents in Word. The first thing I did was to toggle on the Show/Hide button. This is the one that looks like a musical note next to the % zoom box on the toolbar. It reveals formatting such as carriage returns and in this case where spaces have been inserted in the table cells.

There were dozens of them in some cells. I suspect where people have inserted them to get the information centralised in a cell so when it prints out the layout looks OK. The majority of the cells were aligned left although the layout warranted centalised text.

Using the Find & Replace feature (Ctrl + H) I "found" every instance of six spaces and replaced them with nothing. Then 4 spaces, then 2 and finally carefully removed the remaining single spaces that were unrequired. The last job was to right click individual cells and use the cell alignment option that predetermines where text would appear in the box. Saved and job done!

I must admit that I hadn`t realised that RTF documents were capable of retaining this formatting but apparently they do.

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