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  itslove 10:48 14 Feb 2003

When I write e mails , they look ok on screen ,
well laid out , punctuated , paragraphed , and spellchecked . Then , when I send them , they come out looking aweful . For some reason between
me creating and sending everything changes .
When I say everything , i mean you get say a wrap around every five words . What is the best way to put this right . Is it maybe because i tend to shift lines myself , rather than let my computer do it at the end of each line . Any ideas please .

  €dstow 11:03 14 Feb 2003

It's because emails are intended as a means of sending messages and not works of art.

Whatever you do to them in their creation can get totally mangled up at the other end, especially if the recipient has his machine to use plain text.

If you want to send a Valentine's card by this method, best sent it as an attachment.


  woodchip 11:19 14 Feb 2003

You should not use as a typewrite, as you say not using return key

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