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  Coffe_King 16:11 15 Oct 2003

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to automatically send a reply to someone that has e-mailed me to tell them I have got the message and will reply soon. I tried making a messsage rule that says "Apply this rule after the message arrives
For all messages
Reply with autoresponse.eml" but that only works when the message is in the inbox, so i might as well reply myself. Is there a way to do it automaticaly?

  Taebek 16:13 15 Oct 2003

if you are using microsoft outlook you can set up an out of office reply which would do that, dunno if that facility is available on outlook express though, hope it helps

  Stuartli 16:45 15 Oct 2003

To be notified when your outgoing messages are received

You can set up Outlook Express to display a receipt for e-mail you send. The receipt is sent when the message recipient has displayed your message. This is useful when you are sending time-critical information, or any time you want confirmation that your message has been received.

To request a receipt for individual messages

In the new message window, on the Tools menu, click Request Read Receipt.
To request a receipt for all messages

On the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Receipts tab, select the Request a read receipt for all sent messages check box.


Message recipients can choose not to send read receipts, even when they are requested. If you do not want to send receipts, on the Tools menu, click Options. On the Receipts tab, select a Returning Read Receipts option.

  Coffe_King 16:52 15 Oct 2003

That isnt what I need, I need an autogenerated response to send to a person that has e-mailed me to thank them and tell them I will reply in person shortly.

  mikef. 17:48 15 Oct 2003

In Outlook Express Tools/Options/Receipts tick Always send a receipt.

However this is not to be recommended by a lot of people as it will also send a receipt to spammers and prove they have hit a live address.

  Forum Editor 17:50 15 Oct 2003

every single email to get a reply saying you'll respond shortly? It's a bad idea to do this, for the reason given by mikef.

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