E-Mail recovery

  DESNL 08:28 14 Apr 2010

My computer crashed and after considerable juggling have been able to restore. However for some strange reason the E-mails of the last 6 montgs have disappeared, with prior E-Mails remaining.
Please asdvise as to how I can recover
Thanks in anticipation - DES.NL

  walesrob 09:11 14 Apr 2010

We need some further details here so we can offer some advice: Operating system? (i.e. Windows XP, Windows Vista)
Email software? (Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird)

  DESNL 09:46 14 Apr 2010

For walesrob
Many thanks - Windows XP and Outlook Express

  Terry Brown 10:04 14 Apr 2010

Possibly, if the emails are important, you may be able to get a copy from your ISP (they may charge)

The safest way to keep your emails is as follows:

Create a folder on your harddrive for Emails
Open Outlook Express and the new folder together (on the same page.

Highlight the Emails you want to keep and drag to the new folder. You now have an independent copy of your emails that can be used like any other document, and you can safely delete the emails from the outlook Express if not currently wanted.

  walesrob 11:52 14 Apr 2010

DESNL, take a look here click here , it may be the case your more recent emails were saved to a different location than the older stuff or you may have more than one identity folders.

Good luck, and post back if you need any further help.

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