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  Lemur 13:05 28 Jan 2005

I was using MSGTAG, until BT adding Yahoo to my connection, stopped MSGTAG working. I am now trying to use the Outlook Express receipt system, but it does rely on the active co-operation of the recipient, which frequently tends not to happen. Is there any legal, technical, or other reason why the very act of the recipient opening my e. mail should not automatically trigger a receipt? Thank you.

  TOPCAT® 15:01 28 Jan 2005

you can configure OE to request a receipt of email from the recipient. This is done by opening in Outlook Express, Tools/Options and clicking the Receipts tag, there ticking the relevant box.

By default, the Returning Read Receipts is set to 'Notify me....' so it is up to the recipient to send a receipt or not. TC.

  TOPCAT® 15:12 28 Jan 2005

I now see my post is irrelevant, sorry! Should have re-read before posting. :o(

You can only more or less guarantee a receipt if your recipients, using Outlook Express of course, ALL configure OE to send them manually or automatically. TC.

  Lemur 19:24 03 Feb 2005

Thanks TOPCAT for your efforts. My enquiry this time was a sort of follow up to my enquiry of 12.08.03. In the absence of any concrete answer to my specific question, I guess that I will have to assume that there is a legal reason. I can't believe that it is impossible technically! Maybe one day!

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