E-mail problem since installing Firefox

  bamfiesler 00:39 30 Jan 2005

Today I installed Firefox, and have been playing aound with it. Earlier on I create an account on the Firefox site, and all e-mail from that site will come to my own e-address.

Whenever I do stuff like this I always send myself a few e-mails, as tests. I have sent ten to my slef, but none have appeared in the Inbox. When I click on send/receive I can see them coming in, but they don't go to any of the folders in OE. I managed to get in to my Hotmail account and forward a mail from there; it came through.

I don't like this idea of mail disapperaing; where is it going? I'm with Demon, and noe of these test messages - bar the Hotmail one - were sitting on their server when I went in on Webmail.

This is driving me daft! It's something that's happened since I created that Firefox account.

Any ideas, and thanx, etc.

  THE TERMINATOR 02:16 30 Jan 2005

Firefox has it's own mail handler. Are you sure it's not been sent there,and as you have OE it is going nowhere. Also have you tried getting them through "mail2web"(without the quotes) web site....TT

  bamfiesler 08:57 30 Jan 2005


I'm pretty sure I logged back into that Firefox account and saw no messages from myself; these has to be a link, though.

What's web2mail?

  bamfiesler 09:20 30 Jan 2005

I've just sent a mail to myself, then immediately closed OE. Then went to the Demon webmail page and logged on, and the test messgae IS there; I'de been downloading the offer the Demon server right enough, but where are they going? I can see the progress bar daumping them in, but thery're not showing in the Inbox.

I can't see anything in Firefox, either.

I know this may be a minor issue, but something's chsnged and I don't like it...........

  Stuartli 11:14 30 Jan 2005

Firefox is a browser - Thunderbird is the e-mail alternative to Outlook Express etc - as you no doubt realise.

Try a Firefox Extension such as:

click here

To obtain Hotmail and similar e-mails in Thunderbird you'll have to have a look at its FAQ page at:

click here

and read the "Can I access my Netscape WebMail or Hotmail accounts through Thunderbird?" section; it provides links to Hotmail Popper and GotMail utilities.

  bamfiesler 11:23 30 Jan 2005


I'm not using Thunderbird; I was looking at that odd message facilty on the 'my page' in F'fox.

The issue is my Test messages from my OE account ARE going to the Demon server, but are not being downloaded automatically by OE. I sat and watched as OE went through it's 2 minute cylce for downlaoding messages, and it didn't download the Test I'd sent that was sitting on the Demon webmail page. When I tried to manually download it, it came through and just disappeared without hitting any of OE folders.
I've checked to see if there's a Rule in OE deleting stuff from myself, but there isn't.

Something's wrong and I don't like it.

  SEASHANTY 12:06 30 Jan 2005

Well - if you install the Thunderbird email client for Firefox it might sort itself out. I have Firefox and Thunderbird installed and if I click on a contact link on a webpage in Firefox it will more often than not use the Thunderbird programme BUT my default email is via my Mozilla v1.7.3 browser. See what you have set as the default programme in XP's

  bamfiesler 19:58 30 Jan 2005


In Control Panel? Checked all that, and it's all as I want it.

  bamfiesler 20:07 30 Jan 2005

I went back in to Cp and did a custom tweak agin, since Seashanty mentioned it; the Test mail is still getting bounced.

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