E Mail , iTunes and iPhone

  john bunyan 13:23 15 Dec 2015

I have just bought my wife a used iphone 5s, and a Giff Gaff SIM. I want to start afresh with a new e mail for her, not based on our ISP so am looking at outlook (was Hotmail) and Gmail. We would have a laptop as a back up and need to create a new iTunes account and password, as our granddaughter at the moment is using our original one. We want to end up with a separate iTunes folder , iTunes account , and e Mail. I intend to start with the e mail then create the new I tunes account - but need to switch from one icloud to another on the same PC. Any hits would be welcome - eg does GMail work ok on iPhones with Ios 9.2?

  rdave13 00:37 16 Dec 2015

Your Apple ID is your email. If you have iCloud on your PC you have the opportunity to sign off iCloud and sign on again with another identity. Same as Microsoft's OneDrive.

  john bunyan 09:18 16 Dec 2015


Thanks. Will start with a Gmail a/c, then an Apple ID, both new ones. This is to both avoid a clash with 20 year old undergrad granddaughter who uses my wife's original Apple ID, and to test the water with Gmail , as you recommended on spud's thread. Hope gmail is ok on iPhone.

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