E-mail Hijack??

  Garb 00:07 10 Jun 2006

I have started getting messages every 30seconds or so from the windows system tray telling me that Windows Security system has detected Spyware/adware and asks me to click on the icon to install the latest protection tools. this loads something called Brave sentry. I am also suddenly getting virus alerts from an up top date AVG that a virus in the form of a file called vxgame6.exe has been detected. thi smoves to the vault without problem and after disabling system restore, I can delete it without it recurring. I am also suddenly receiving approx 1500 e-mails returning undeliverable e-mails twice in the last few hours. My e-mail account name in Outlook Express i had called the "home" account is now labelled 0000002. and I cannot change it. I have run EWIDO malware and AVG in safe mode. EWIDO has detected and deleted about 80 files but now pick nothing up on AVG. I have just received another 1500 e-mails on outlook express. Any ideas what is going on.

  Garb 00:08 10 Jun 2006

Sorry, forgot to add running windows XP pro and AVG free, (with latest update)

  terryf 01:18 10 Jun 2006

click here for brave sentry that I found using google. I always do a google for virus names and usually come up with a solution

  Garb 17:46 10 Jun 2006

Tried PC tools PC tools spyware doctor and it cleared lots of threats including one that uses my e-mail to send out lots of spam. Have received one further batch of about 1000 e-mails since but this may be just residue from the previous trojan.
I have tried to look at my Firewall settings and get a message saying "Due to an unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows firewall settings"

  VoG II 17:49 10 Jun 2006
  Garb 01:03 11 Jun 2006

Thanks to terryf and VoG for the help. All problems sorted. It is most helpful having this type of help when you are stressed with PC problems. Afterwards it is so easy to think of why didn't I think of looking here or there for the solution. I solve the odd problem for friends PCs but when you are stressed out with a bug on your own machine it isn't so easy.

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