e mail on fsnet.co.uk has gone AWOL!!

  TonyV 19:56 28 Apr 2006

My sister has an account with Freeserve dial-up. Suddenly, within the last 2 or 3 weeks she has been unable to retrieve her mail via OE6. I was down in Devon with her over Easter and looked at her settings and everything seemed OK, but still it would not receive e mails. She can send via OE6, but cannot receive via OE6.

I have looked on the Freeserve site, but that puts you straight in to Wanadoo. She eventually installed a Wanadoo disc and now can get mail via the Wanadoo Web mail. This is a bit of a pain and she would really like to get her mail via OE6.

Again she has been through the setting up procedure for getting mail, but this refers to wanadoo.co.uk.

Her e mail address is *****@*****.fsnet.co.uk. Can any one tell me how we can set OE6 up via Wanadoo to accept her e mail address?

I suspect that for incoming mail the servers will be pop3.wanadoo.co.uk and for outgoing mail it will be smtp.wanadoo.co.uk. but, how do we get the thing to recognise the *****@*****.fsnet.co.uk? Do we say that the user name is:- *****@*****.fsnet.co.uk or is it *****.fsnet.co.uk or is it just ***** without the @ and the rest of it? I am now at a complete loss as to how to get her to set the thing up!

We have tried the FAQ and Help on Wanadoo, but as ever, it is not giving the answers unless it is a straightforward Wanadoo address!!

Your help would be appreciated.


  TonyV 21:34 28 Apr 2006

See here! click here


  johnnyrocker 23:21 28 Apr 2006

surely that would be a website address and not e mail?


  johnnyrocker 23:23 28 Apr 2006

oops just re read, apologies (bit late at night)


  TonyV 12:25 29 Apr 2006

Many thanks for your responses. I have relayed your particular comments, bloo meeny, to my sister and will wait and see if she has managed to set the mail system up OK. I will keep you posted when I hear from her!


  TonyV 12:29 29 Apr 2006

This problem is also listed in my "click here" in the second posting on this thread above.



  TonyV 17:20 01 May 2006

To let people know how we got on with my sister's OE6 and receiving mail, we tried everything and still it would not receive. She came back to me again this afternoon and said she had now given up on it because it will still not receive any mail.

I rang her and started from first principles! Deleted her e mail account, and started from scratch and set up a new account using all the original details and went through it with her step by step and then I sent an e mail to her. Lo and behold, a working system and receiving e mails. A result!!

Many thanks


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