dnjl 14:43 21 Jul 2008

I had a folder named "e-mails to KEEP" in my outlook express, until today.

The whole file has gone - where can it be and any chance of getting it back please?

If I do get it back I am forwarding all my "keep" e-mails to myself at Yahoo. At least then I will know they will not disappear.

  Clapton is God 14:45 21 Jul 2008

System Restore?

  dnjl 16:27 22 Jul 2008

Clapton is God

It doesn't seem to affect Outlook Express.

  BurrWalnut 16:57 22 Jul 2008

No guarantee but this may work:

Close Outlook Express, click Start > Search and type FOLDERS.DBX (capitals are for clarity only), right click on the file > Rename and type FOLDERS.OLD, click OK. If it is not found make sure the search field ‘More Advanced Options’ includes ‘Hidden Files’. If you cannot access it because it’s ‘read only’, right-click it > Properties and uncheck the Read attribute.

Now restart Outlook Express and a new folders.dbx file will be recreated automatically.

  dnjl 23:50 22 Jul 2008


Thanks - tried this but not sure if I did it right.
I did Start - Search - then I have to choose files & folders - then I typed "folders.old" in part of name - but it took a millsec to say nothing found.

  Rob_08 00:31 23 Jul 2008

Search for FOLDERS.DBX , you missed a bit mate.
Read BurrWalnuts post again !! Cheers

  dnjl 12:53 23 Jul 2008

I'm sorry - but still not found.

When I go to Start - Search - I have to choose from
Pictures etc.
documents etc.
All files & folders - (which i did)
computers & people

then I typed in folders.dbx in "all or part of file name"

then "search"

what did I do wrong?

  BurrWalnut 13:15 23 Jul 2008

It's a hidden folder so include hidden files in your search.

If you haven't moved them, the mail boxes are hidden folders located at C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\long name\Microsoft\Outlook Express.

Once you sort out your problem, I suggest you make the folders easier to get at and ‘unhide‘ them. Create a folder in the root folder, name it, say, My Mail. Go to Outlook Express > Tools > Options > Maintenance Tab and click on Store Folder and browse/change it to point to the new folder (My Mail). Close Outlook Express, reboot and the mail boxes will be in the new location.

  BurrWalnut 13:26 23 Jul 2008

I should have also said that folders.dbx may be 'read only'. If so, right-click it > Properties > Remove the read only attribute, then rename it.

  dnjl 10:37 24 Jul 2008


Thanks, but I do have "hidden folders" ticked.

I have gone into -
C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\long name\Microsoft\Outlook Express.
and now found them, thanks a lot for this.

  Damarc 11:00 24 Jul 2008

Someone told me to use dbextract as it happened after I had accepted Microsoft's dialogue box to compact folders for better storage. Suddenly my sent mails had disappeared. Now I followed the instructions from someone on this board but can't remember what I did so if this is a possibility perhaps someone could take you down that route.

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