E- mail delays

  GroupFC 10:17 14 Oct 2003

I would like some advice regarding e-mail.

My ISP is Supanet (PAYG) and just lately I have been experiencing quite a time lag between messages being sent and received by me. For example, a message sent on Saturday 11th at 16.54 was received on Monday 13th at 22.39 and another message was sent on Sunday 12th at 18.10 was received on Tuesday 14th at 8.19! (at this rate it?ll be quicker to use snail mail!).

Another message was sent to me on Sunday 12th at 19.31 and still hasn?t arrived (I know this because I have been copied in on a reply from another reciepient of the original message, which was sent at 10.04 (French time) and arrived at 9.05 (UK time)!).

Do others experience such delays? Is there anything I can do about it? Is it time to change either my ISP or to sign up for a different package?

As always any advice or comments will be very much appreciated.

  GroupFC 10:20 14 Oct 2003

Sorry posted in the wrong Forum! I'll get it moved.

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