e mail blockage

  raymond leslie-295325 10:25 30 Oct 2003

Any advice on a blockage on E Mail I am currently experiencing ?
Internet connection's Ok, but when I try to download E Mails, OE shows 30 messages due, downloads up to 4/30 then stops dead. I have waited 5/6 mins because it may be a large attachment but no go. In addition, the usual blue fill-in line is blank. I have checked settings all of which appear Ok, , and one of the Virgin Net responses from the site indicates I should be able to "unblock" any E mail, but doesn't say how. I have looked for diresct access to E mails ion the VN website, but it isn't obvious - the E mail shortcuts go to OE only. Any offers ?

  john-232317 10:46 30 Oct 2003

Try this click here

You can read and delete as needeed

  Shorty 12:46 30 Oct 2003

I use Virgin Net as well and have had a few blockages, their only response was to put me onto their ?1 per minute helpline.

What gets me past the blockage is to disable my Firewall and Antivirus packages briefly. It would seem that (in my case) McAfee thinks it has spotted something nasty, but so far I have not been infected with a virus or anything, however I guess disabling Antivirus is not ideal even if it is briefly.

Anyway worked for me :)

Download and install Mailwasher from here click here

You can then see your emails on your ISP's mail server before you download them and delete any that you don't want.

  ripvan 13:00 30 Oct 2003

Lilliput I had a similar thing with my NTL emails.It was a very large email that couldn't download in time an so I kept going round in a circle.Ntl help desk cleared it for me.But they did tell me that if I read my mail via my webmail(similar to hotmail you can read your mail from any pc) on their server instead of dowloading it to my pc then I could read and delete it as I want.The only prob is once opened on webmail you can't redownload it on ordinary email.Do you have such a web based option on virgin?Hope this is of some help.

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