e-mail attachments greyed out.

  imarcus2 19:28 21 Nov 2003

Colleague cannot access his e-mail attachments as they are greyed out in the OE6 inbox.

He tells me that he has unchecked the 'do not open suspicious attachments' box.

Are there any other causes of greyed out attachments?

  ©®@$? 19:35 21 Nov 2003

make sure he has unticked that dont allow attachments in OE, and okayed it

if he has a later version of zone alarm that can quarinteen the attachment, and i suppose any other software that gives that sort of protection can do the same

  bretsky 19:51 21 Nov 2003

If you don't have the program to run these attachments, then yes they will be greyed out, normal stuff like jpeg, word etc you should be able to open, things like pps file extns you need the powerpoint viewer which you can get from m/soft free without actually having the powerpoint program..............bretsky

  powerless 19:58 21 Nov 2003
  imarcus2 10:12 22 Nov 2003

Thanks chaps for the advice -- must admit to having to eat humble pie here.

Got back to colleague,who has now managed to poke the right box, and is now OK. Learned colleague blames weary arm from too much time at the bar!

At least the exercise has forced him to do a spot of updating from MSoft, as a useful byproduct. The updates from M'soft can get out of hand if left for too long!

Does a new copy of WXP have to go through the same?

More abject apologies -- imarcus.

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