e-mail and antivirus updates

  the old man 09:36 20 Nov 2004

1. why have i suddenly got paperclip icons next to my e-mail headers in OE6 but there are no attachments.
2. why cant I get updates for avg or avast. errors range from modem in use, cannot connect to server.
help please

  the old man 09:38 20 Nov 2004

my computer locks up if I turn around to watch Soccer AM for a couple of minutes. then again it happens whenever I leave the computer for a couple of minutes irrespective of what is on the tele.

  rawprawn 10:28 20 Nov 2004

You shouldn't be running AVG and Avast together3. They don't enhance each other they can conflict. I don't know if this is the problem, but choose one or the other.

  pj123 10:35 20 Nov 2004

I get the same on my emails ever since I switched to the new AVG7. There was a cure posted by Djohn a while back. I tried it but it didn't work for me.

This is what it said: "Right click on AVG system tray icon and select Launch AVG Control Center. Click on E-mail Scanner (on the right) and then click the Properties button (bottom right). In the new window click the Configure button and then untick the Certify Mail boxes that come under the E-Mail Scanning heading (keep the Check Incoming/Outgoing Mail options ticked though). Click OK and all should be done."

Give it a try and let us know if it works for you please.

  sortof 12:45 20 Nov 2004

Hello. Are you on broadband or dialup? Re that locking up problem, as has been said, you only need one anti virus program. If you can still connect to net, run a free spyware removal tool like Adaware which you can download from click here

  the old man 13:54 20 Nov 2004

on BB and have adaware, spybot and spywareblaster installed. Have got rid of avast and double checked settings and properties within avg but still no joy.

did your fix and that has worked for me.

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