e Mail alias(s) in Outlook to avoid Junk

  john bunyan 17:19 06 Nov 2018

I am switching from a POP e mail with Talk Talk to an IMAP Outlook e mail. The old TT one was prone to Junk. and I have taken to viewing emails from them on the web server first so I can blacklist phishers and junk , and delete them before opening my e mail on the PC. Recently I have seen the "blackmailing" ones apparently from me. Although, so far , my Outlook e mail has been good, I would like to have an alias to use with shops, Amazon etc - ie non family and secure friends. I have read that this is possible and would be grateful for tips. EG if I am [email protected] Outlook.com, and created an alias such as John. Doe [email protected] would hackers find that too easy or should I call myself something different such as [email protected]? If so how to do this? Can I have more than one?

  john bunyan 17:34 06 Nov 2018

Just remembered I posted a similar question with no results. Maybe better luck this time?

Clearly my memory is getting even poorer than I thought!

Earlier thread

  wee eddie 18:16 06 Nov 2018

I'd go for the final option. then anything addressed to 'Oldyin' will, almost certainly be spam. Whereas, legitimate Contacts will address you by name.

  wee eddie 18:19 06 Nov 2018

p.s. Warlord is right. Don't get annoyed by spam, just ignore it, and as warlord has said: Do not, under any circumstances, Click on it.

  qwbos 18:56 06 Nov 2018

We have three Outlook.com addresses. Two are nearly three years old and the other quite new. None are affected by spam (touch wood), whereas a Hotmail account that I've had for much longer and rarely use is plagued. A mix of various retailers apparently wanting to give me refunds for things I haven't bought on accounts I don't have, and "ladies" offering their services.

So I wouldn't be too worried about Outlook, though contacts who use distribution lists can increase the risk of spam dramatically. If you're really bothered, just set up a second disposable account.

  john bunyan 19:24 06 Nov 2018

Thanks for the replies; I will follow wee eddie advice. Re my TT POP, surely if I delete them on the TT server and my PC is never involved, the junkers will not see that as a hit?

Interesting that Outlook May be better than Hotmail.

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