e Mail alias(s) in Outlook to avoid Junk

  john bunyan 17:19 06 Nov 2018

I am switching from a POP e mail with Talk Talk to an IMAP Outlook e mail. The old TT one was prone to Junk. and I have taken to viewing emails from them on the web server first so I can blacklist phishers and junk , and delete them before opening my e mail on the PC. Recently I have seen the "blackmailing" ones apparently from me. Although, so far , my Outlook e mail has been good, I would like to have an alias to use with shops, Amazon etc - ie non family and secure friends. I have read that this is possible and would be grateful for tips. EG if I am [email protected] Outlook.com, and created an alias such as John. Doe [email protected] would hackers find that too easy or should I call myself something different such as [email protected]? If so how to do this? Can I have more than one?

  john bunyan 17:34 06 Nov 2018

Just remembered I posted a similar question with no results. Maybe better luck this time?

Clearly my memory is getting even poorer than I thought!

Earlier thread

  KEITH 1955 18:14 06 Nov 2018

their is nothing you can do to stop junk/blackmail/spam emails , also viewing them on your server wont work either , this is because when you open any email of this type you just send an electronic signal back to where the email came from and this in turn flags up that the hacking program/bot "hit" a live email address so more will follow.

to prove how good spam bots are try this, set up an email address and DONT use it , now wait and see how long some junk lands in the inbox , think about it , if you never gave the email address to anyone and never used it , how did items land in its inbox.

some people also make the mistake of looking at suspect emails on a device that they don't care about so think it don't matter if that device gets hit , the problem is the spammers don't know where its landed all they know is that it found a home so devices you do care about will get even more junk.

  wee eddie 18:16 06 Nov 2018

I'd go for the final option. then anything addressed to 'Oldyin' will, almost certainly be spam. Whereas, legitimate Contacts will address you by name.

  wee eddie 18:19 06 Nov 2018

p.s. Warlord is right. Don't get annoyed by spam, just ignore it, and as warlord has said: Do not, under any circumstances, Click on it.

  qwbos 18:56 06 Nov 2018

We have three Outlook.com addresses. Two are nearly three years old and the other quite new. None are affected by spam (touch wood), whereas a Hotmail account that I've had for much longer and rarely use is plagued. A mix of various retailers apparently wanting to give me refunds for things I haven't bought on accounts I don't have, and "ladies" offering their services.

So I wouldn't be too worried about Outlook, though contacts who use distribution lists can increase the risk of spam dramatically. If you're really bothered, just set up a second disposable account.

  john bunyan 19:24 06 Nov 2018

Thanks for the replies; I will follow wee eddie advice. Re my TT POP, surely if I delete them on the TT server and my PC is never involved, the junkers will not see that as a hit?

Interesting that Outlook May be better than Hotmail.

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