E-Mail address hijacked for sending spam

  [DELETED] 20:55 16 May 2006

I use Mailwasher Pro and have been subscribing to Blue Frog antispam. Last week I suddenly started to receive e-mails that had not been delivered to their recipient. Non of whom I knew.
One day I had 132. It looks like my e-mail address has been used as a spam address and as a result I am receiving the bounced e-mails. I know that the Blue Frog website has been attacked by the Spammers. Is there any way I can stop my address being used, without resorting to an address change, which will be very costly? Is anyone else getting the same problem?

  johnnyrocker 20:58 16 May 2006

it is likely that someone with your mail address in their address book has become infected and mails out under all addresses found. as a precaution you could run scans on your own machine but i doubt you will find anything.


  [DELETED] 21:01 16 May 2006

Ewido, download and run in safe mode....click here


  [DELETED] 14:15 17 May 2006

Thanks for the advice, have downloaded and run Ewido, it found 81 infections.I agree with johnny, from what I gather, the Blue Frog web site was invaded by spammers and their data base of subscribers was taken and used against them, me, being one of them. The Blue Frog site was down last time I looked. I have filtered all the Mailer Daemon, mail delivery system, postmaster etc. for deletion in my Mailwasher, so I shall just have to sit this out and hope the problem resolves itself. It would be interesting to see if any of the forum subscribers are having similar problems. I received 95 bounced mails during the last 30 mins.

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