e-mail address hi-jacked

  hwm 21:34 14 Jun 2005

I am receiving about 100 messages a day all having my address as the the senders address - so that it appears that I am sending messages to myself. There are about six different messages that appear. The attachments are filtered out by my ISP (Freeserve). I am using IE 6.0. I have run Spybot and Adaware and cleared out all suspect files. On the advice of Freeserve I have changed my password but this hasn't stopped the mails which still indicate that I am sending them to myself. Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem. At present I have resorted to deleting them on the ISP server accessed via Internet Explorer.

  madPentium 23:31 14 Jun 2005

did you use the new adaware personal (the freebie)? I find it catches things older full
versions seem to miss.

Also look in msconfig, see if anything odd is starting up, also check your services for anything odd looking.

  p;3 23:47 14 Jun 2005

what antivirus protection do you have on there? and how long has this been happening?

what other scans have you run?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:53 14 Jun 2005

If you have XP download MS Antispy, run it and delete all it finds. You will have to turn off system restore, scan with Antispy and your updated AV and turn it back on afterwards.....click here


  Meekster 02:24 15 Jun 2005

Likely someone that has your email address in their address book is compromised.

Many virii and other nasties when sending email from someones computer, randomly pick an email address to pretend to be sending from .

So computer1 is sending the email out, but the senders address is spoofed as being from computer2.

So when the email is rejected and sent back, instead of going back to computer1 and thus alerting computer1 that there is a problem, the mail gets sent to you instead...

  wobbly76 10:00 15 Jun 2005

I had a similar problem, but I got rid by dumping my email address and using a new one, I don't have a very large address book so it didn't take long to notify friends of the change, but that's just what suited me.

Good luck, w76

  hwm 15:39 15 Jun 2005

To madPentium :-I updated Adaware before using. I will check MSCONFIG. Thanks.

To P:3:-AVG antivirus used but PCCillin on line check also used - nothing found. Thanks

To Gandalf:-Still using 98SE. Thanks.

To Meekster:- There is no indication in the mails that they are being returned. Thanks.

To Wobbly:- Thanks but I have a very large address book therefore changing my address would be a last resort. Thanks.

  hwm 22:07 22 Jun 2005

Finally was able to confirm problem was not on my computer. I accessed my ISP's server (Wanadoo)-click here and found that there is provision for blocking nominated senders mails. I then entered all the various permutations of my address that that hi-jackers were using and blocked them. The site also allows blocking of subject headings. The incoming mais varied such as "[email protected], [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] so it was necessary to block each one of these and similar. Fortunately there were only eight variations.
How did I ascertain the problem was not on my computer? Simply by switching it off for around 12 hours so that it could not send any rogue mails and then going to the Wanadoo server and noting that they were still coming in and observing the times.

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