Pau1JB 21:56 30 Jun 2004

i dont know what i have done, but know i keep getting emails to my proper email address that have virsus in them, i get about 4 or 5 a day maybe even more.

they come from all wierd places wiith long names, any idea how i can stop this.

They didnt even send it to my prooer email address. i have a plus net account which is [email protected]. I use postmaster as my email address, but u get it sent to some wierd name at isntead of post master

  woodt 22:05 30 Jun 2004

Welcome to the world of SPAM.

You can just delete them. Make sure your preview pane is not open, View/Layout make sure 'Preview Pane' is unchecked (assuming you use OE).

You could try one of the many Anti Spam programs, I use Spamweed. Others will recommend their favourites.

  Pau1JB 22:19 30 Jun 2004

this is very annoying for me

  VoG II 22:25 30 Jun 2004

Mailwasher click here

  woodt 00:02 01 Jul 2004

Most viruses will be found in the attachment, but some new variants and other nasties are in the main body of the message so best to only open email from expected people, and always save attachments and scan with your AV software before opening.

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