e buyer be warned

  bigray 05:19 27 Jan 2004

got faulty goods from ebuyer, they state they will not accept goods without a return number from manufacturer! eventualy got one, (the law says you can return to place of purchase,) well I have tried to contact ebuyer with an e note, they do not reply, 21 Jan, tried to phone, can't get through so left message on ring back, no reply, does any one know how to get in touch with anyone at ebuyer? be warned easy to buy from but impossible to contact, I have purchased many things from them but after this experiance I have finished with ebuyer. went on site to see state of play with my return, says rma number accepted & when recieved item, a replacement will be sent out, I don't want a replacement just my money back, so if they send another how do I send that back? but I cannot get in touch with them, please anyone out there HELP.
You may pay more localy but at least you can return goods, all this is not worth the hassle.

  Pesala 06:16 27 Jan 2004

You purchased the goods, they agreed to replace faulty goods if a returns number was provided. They did not offer a money-back guarantee. As far as I know, you are obliged to accept the replacement goods. You could check the small-print to see if there is a cooling-off period, but you would still be liable for shipping costs incurred.

Everyone should be aware by now that they may be taking a slightly greater risk when buying from e-bay than when buying direct from a manufacturer. The only way that a business can make a profit at cut-throat prices is by selling in quantity, and they cannot afford the overheads of dedicated customer service help-lines.

  bigray 06:55 27 Jan 2004

ebuyer not ebay

  Forum Editor 07:14 27 Jan 2004

in the same way as to any online seller, and in addition the distance selling regulations apply. You don't say how long you had the goods, or indeed what was wrong with them,or what they were, but if you were returning them as faulty e-buyer must repair or replace them - certainly within six months of purchase - without quibble. The supplier has the option to decide on a repair, but if this happens the goods must be returned to you within a 'reasonable' time. The law (at present) does not oblige a buyer to accept replacement goods if he/she decides to reject an item as not fit for its purpose, or because it was wrongly described. Under the terms of the distance selling regulations you have the right to cancel an order (or return goods if they have been delivered) within 7 days of placing it.

Most suppliers will suggest that you deal direct with the manufacturer in the case of certain items (Printers and monitors for instance), because in the long run it's normally quicker - they would have to send them back to the makers for repair anyway.

  Seadog 07:24 27 Jan 2004

I bought stuff (fortunately all in good order) from e-buyer on a couple of occasions and but did think about what to do if it is faulty and I have to return it? I looked at their returns policy and it did look a bit "iffy" but, as Pesala says they offer to replace faulty goods and I can't remember if they offer a money back guarantee.
If it makes you feel any better when I upgraded my old (AJP) laptop from a cd to dvd player about three years ago I had a hell of a time, the first two units they sent were faulty and it took nearly six weeks to sort out in the end.

  bigray 07:44 27 Jan 2004

many thank F E & Seadog but how can you return goods when they refuse to accept goods without an RMA number,dont answer e notes & can not get through on phone, spent about three hours trying to get a goods faulty number from manufacturers so that I could get a RMA number, goods now sent back, just trying to help & warn people that it is very hard with this company to return goods but easy to buy & also if anyone knows an easy way to contact them I would be grateful.

  niknax 08:26 27 Jan 2004

i buy from ebuyer all the time and never had any trouble with returns. bought 3 modems one was faulty,
got the rma number posted the modem back they, tested it and got a replacement 2 days later!

  scotty 09:09 27 Jan 2004

E-buyer's e-notes system is causing me some consternation at the moment. As with bigray, I am having difficulties contacting them. Their preferred route is to use e-notes but I am still waiting for a reply to my query. I posted a thread in the ConsumerWatch forum and the replies suggest that E-buyer are slow to respond and when/if they do, you get a standard answer which can bear little relevence to your query.

  bigray 09:29 27 Jan 2004

thank you scotty I thought I was on my own, getting parranoid :-) I just want people to be aware

  DIYgirl 10:29 27 Jan 2004

This sort of problem is what I used to deal with for a living. Makes me feel pre-children again!

IF the goods are not suitable for the purpose for which they were sold (for example, you buy a TV and it won't show a picture) then you are entitled to a full refund or replacement--which ever you prefer.

I understand your frustration at not being able to contact the seller. Have you tried contacting Ebay direct, and telling them what has gone on? They are usually keen to sort out problems. Also, if you paid for this with your credit card then you will probably have a bit more protection built in there, from the credit card company.

If your emails are going through but remaining unanswered I would email them again, being polite and fair, giving them a complete history of the problem and as many details and reference numbers as you can. Tell the seller exactly what the problem is; and tell them what you want them to do about it. Tell them that you have taken advice (mine!) and that you are considering taking legal action if this matter is not resolved within the next seven days. And copy the email to eveyrone you can think of: your local council, trading standards, Watchdog, Ebay, everyone. Tabloid papers usually have a consumer editor or journalist (which is what I used to do), so put their names on too. Usually the idea of all those stroppy people getting involved will make the seller get his or her act together.

  Xevious 10:32 27 Jan 2004

btw you don't get an RMA number using e-notes. you have to do an RMA request...

i had many problems in the past with ebuyer (see consumer watch) and now will only buy items such as blank media...etc that i wouldn't need to return.

an address i previously aquired is as follows, hope it helps!

Mike Naylor
Ebuyer UK Ltd
PO BOX 3189
S9 3LR

this info was obtained 12 months ago, so who knows if it is still accurate...

btw Mike Naylor is the managing director...

good luck!

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