middleroom 22:35 30 Nov 2004

I hope this is an easy one for somebody, but can anybody tell me if I can receive payments through PayPal when selling, even though I am unverified. I have no problems paying for items through PayPal when buying.

  frankie 22:43 30 Nov 2004

i believe you can get verified by giving paypal card details they pay small amount to your card you then give them the amounts as confirmation then your verified,

  Benzo 22:43 30 Nov 2004

i think that it just pays it onto your paypal account, then to your credit/debit card but im not entirely certain

  Brumas 22:51 30 Nov 2004

My wife uses PayPal when receiving payments, and didn't have to go through the verification process right away, although she had to eventually. PayPal will tell you if you have to become verified. My wife has been using PayPal for a couple of years without any problem and swears by it. If she ever encounters any problems she finds the PayPal team are always very friendly and helpful and answer all her emails and resolve any queries. I hope this helps.

  cyberphobic 22:57 30 Nov 2004

All you need to receive Pypal payments is a valid e-mail address.

  cyberphobic 23:00 30 Nov 2004

the same applies to Paypal payments!!

  Brumas 23:04 30 Nov 2004

When people pay you via PayPal, the money goes into your PayPal account not into your credit card. When you are verified you don't have to pay anything to your card, it is just a matter of confirming who you are; PayPal give you a number and, as far as my wife can remember, they telephone you at home and you have to quote that number.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:11 30 Nov 2004

is that if you are verified, they have your credit card or bank details. You can use it either way just the same. It's just that people tend to trust a verified account more.

  steven_frost 23:15 30 Nov 2004

ok PayPal is simple it's like a bank account on-line it works like this say you sell some thing on e-bay what happens is the person transfers the money to your paypal account then you can choose to transfer it into your own account or leave it their it's like a holding account so you can leave it their and next time you buy some thing on ebay the moneys their or you can transfer it into your own acount to spend

  GaT7 00:34 01 Dec 2004

The first time I ever received a payment I was unverified, but this was 1-2 years (as far as I can remember) & their Terms & Conditions may have changed since.

If you're not in a hurry (& can wait till 6:00AM on Wed 1/12 morning), the best way would be to call PayPal & ask them directly - they should be able to give you an instant reply:

"PayPal Customer Service Agents are available to help you from 6:00 AM GMT until 10:00 PM GMT every day.

Call us on: 08707 307 191 (UK national call rates apply)

We can only discuss an account with the account holder. Please have the following information available when you call:

Your telephone number

Your email address

The last four digits of your credit card or bank account registered with PayPal

For security reasons, we must verify the above details before discussing any account-specific information."

Source of above: click here. HTH, G

  middleroom 17:42 01 Dec 2004

Thank you for all your help

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