Dynamic Microphone problem Windows 10

  me22221 10:31 30 Apr 2018


I have problem using my microphone hama Dynamic dm-20 in a karaoke mode on my laptop Asus with operating system Windows 10. I want to speak or sing on it and to hear my voice on the speakers.

Probably the main problem is that when I put the jack in the exit, the Realtek HD Audio Manager doesn’t recognize it and gives me only 3 options to choose from – Headset, Headphones and Speaker Out (none of them suitable for a microphone).

If I don’t choose any of the option (and if I have ticked the “Listen” option in the properties of the Recording device of the Sound) I hear something from the microphone, when I speak, but is more like separate parts of my speech coming from very far and surrounded by big noise.

What could be the reason? My drivers are the last possible and I tried to reinstall them all, but still no success.

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