Dynamic Disks Unreadable

  #MercyLink# 14:17 24 Aug 2005


I was messing about this morning trying to install Windows 98 onto a bootable USB key (dont ask! sufficed to say, I failed) and when I gave up and rebooted back into XP, my main storage (non-system drive) dynamic disk reads as unreadable in disk mananger. (click here for a picture.)

I think 98 setup might have somehow corrupted the dynamic disk but im not sure how as its a SATA RAID0.

Id really apprechiate suggestions of what to do!

  Monument 14:59 24 Aug 2005

If you right click on the right hand section and choose 'Import foreign disk' (ithink that is the right wording) that will open the disk.

  AndySD 15:01 24 Aug 2005
  #MercyLink# 15:09 24 Aug 2005

The disk isnt reported as foreign, its just reported as unreadable. Im aware you have to import foreign disks, I do it every time I reinstall windows to get access to my data. The partition is normaly assigned the drive letter D:\ and this appears in my computer but when I double click it, it says "This drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?" but I cant because I have important data on the disk.

  woodchip 15:25 24 Aug 2005

And one hear for you to look at click here

click here

click here

  #MercyLink# 15:30 24 Aug 2005

OK ive come to the conclusion that windows 98 has re-written the partition table and it needs to be written back to match the dynamic disk database thing at the end of the drive so how would I go about doing that?

  AndySD 15:41 24 Aug 2005

click here maybe

  #MercyLink# 15:58 24 Aug 2005

I tried DiskProbe but it looks extremely complicated and I dont know how to use it to save the master boot record.

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