Dying http connection

  witless 20:31 03 Mar 2009

I'm suffering an internet connection problem on my laptop (Vista Home Premium, SP1). After a period of time, from a couple of hours down to around 30 minutes, http connections hang when loading a new web page, even part way through, in both Firefox 3.0.6 or IE7; checking the connection icon in the system tray shortly afterwards reveals that the internet connection is lost. Trying to make a http connection to my network router also fails, but yet I can ping the router, and internet i.p. addresses (and names), and receive replies, so it looks like a Windows issue rather than a network problem. Rebooting reinstates the ability to make http connections - until the problem eventually re-occurs.
Today I ran AM-DeadLink to prune back my bookmarks list and the internet connection died within minutes.
Any advice would be extremely welcome.

  woodchip 20:34 03 Mar 2009

When you rebooted do you mean the Computer or the Router? I suggest you reboot the Rooter by turning off at the back of the router it may have a inset button to do this. Leave it off for about 60 seconds before starting it back up

  ashdav 20:40 03 Mar 2009

Reboot by removing the power for 10secs.
If you press the inset button you will more than likely reset the router which will remove all your connection settings!
Reboot is is not the same as reset !

  woodchip 20:45 03 Mar 2009

It does not loose the settings in my router. To do that you have to use a paper clip in a pin hole at the back. which is a totally different thing to turning off with the button

  witless 20:52 03 Mar 2009

The reboot is to the laptop - my desktop on the network doesn't suffer the problem so I discounted the problem being with the router.

When the problem first cropped up I did do the usual round of rebooting the cable modem and router but learnt that that wasn't addressing anything.

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