dxdiag issue Direct 3D tests.

  skell 19:00 20 Aug 2006

When i go to dxdiag and perform "test direct 3D" test it says i should see a box with the direct x logo on it, however, i see the box but it spins so fast i am unable to see the logo.

does anyone know why it would do that and what the cause could be?

is this a reason why im having trouble playing games? how can i rectify this?


  skidzy 19:51 20 Aug 2006

Have you tried this yet click here after you have downloaded this full package,reboot your system.If the problem still appears post back.One other thing,do you have enough ram to play the games in question ?..i would guess you need at 512mb upwards,but without knowing the games..i cannot be 100% sure.

Hope this helps

  skell 20:07 20 Aug 2006

skidzy Thx...updated but still the same. i have 1gb of ram btw.

  GaT7 00:17 21 Aug 2006

Try disabling VSync (click here) to see if it makes any difference. Likewise, if it's already disabled, try enabling it. If no change, remember to return settings to their original state. The game(s) may have their own VSync settings - if present, try experimenting with them as well. G

>>To disable VSYNC on ATI cards:

From advanced display settings, go to the '3D' tab and check the 'use custom settings' box for both direct3D and OpenGL. Press the 'custom...' button to access the controls for both modes. Turn the 'wait for vertical sync' slider all the way to the left.

To disable VSYNC on Nvidia cards:

From advanced display settings, go to the tab that identifies your video card model. The VSYNC settings are located in 'more direct3D settings' and 'OpenGL settings.'>>

  skidzy 15:29 21 Aug 2006

Could you have a problem with Spyware/Malware. Firstly try running Spybot/Ewido/Adaware click here
This link may be helpful click here

If you are receiving any error codes,could you please post these.This will make finding a solution a lot easier.

Good luck

  brundle 15:43 21 Aug 2006

the dxdiag test is very easy on a modern fast system, as long as you see the black box with green on it the test is working, your pc is just a bit too fast :)

what problems do you have playing games?

  skell 20:03 21 Aug 2006

Ive just reinstalled an old hard drive i had and the dxdiag test work ok. i can see the box and the logo too. Strange huh. The newer hard drive is a samsung 80gig cheapy from pc world and the old one that i have in now is a maxtor 120gig. However, the game problem is still the same. screen lag, hard to explain realy but its just not smooth when i scroll across the screen. never had it before i reformated. tried all updated driver etc but still the same.

  skidzy 20:20 21 Aug 2006

Surely this couldnt be something as simple as Flashplayer could it !!! click here

I know,maybe grasping straws :-)

  skell 20:50 21 Aug 2006

you maybe grasping but any suggestions welcome.. updated flashplayer but still the btw.

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