DX9 + Hercules RADEON 9000 Pro

  kchakrak 12:46 15 Jan 2003
  kchakrak 12:46 15 Jan 2003

wot will happen if i install DX 9.0 on the graphics card. the card is a hardware 8.1 but has support for 9.


  kchakrak 12:56 15 Jan 2003

reply plz

  nightporter 12:58 15 Jan 2003

I wouldn't bother click here

  dontaskme 13:22 15 Jan 2003

two graphics cards both £70 one is radeon 9000 and the other is radeon 9000 pro.
the pro has 550mhz clock speed but only 64MB whereas the other has 400mhz and 128MB

could you tell the difference? which one is the one i want? i can't see any other difference.

  pinka 13:42 15 Jan 2003

although weve not got the same card (gf4 mx420) i downloaded dx 9 thinking i may get a boost but instead it seems to cause a freeze for a split second on racing games where it never did before and believe me its a pain to get dx9 off , microsoft will even tell you its impossible but instant mash put me on to a program so if you do put it on you can always remove it , if you can figure out how to work the uninstaller.

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