D/weaver 2-Images wont display but OK on preview!

  machins 09:09 25 Jun 2004

I have a problem creating my new site in that some (not all) of the images will not display while creating the page - all I get is an icon but no image. However when I preview (using IE6) the image is there!!
Is there an explanation for this please?

Thank you

  PurplePenny 09:52 25 Jun 2004

Post a link to your site, we may be able to spot the problem.

Have you checked that all the images are uploaded? Are the file names and paths correct? Have you got spaces in the file names?


  Forum Editor 09:59 25 Jun 2004

has indicated the probable cause - most instances of images appearing in preview but not on the web are the result of the image files not being on the server, or file paths being incorrect, that is pointing to the file on your hard drive, rather than the copy on the server.

  machins 10:06 25 Jun 2004

Sorry, but I may have not explained myself properly.
I have not uploaded the site yet - this is happening while creating the site itself.
When I insert the image evrythings seems to be happening OK apart from not being able to see the image - only this icon. I can see the image however if I preview in IE6

  Gaz 25 14:24 25 Jun 2004

They generally dont show up while creating it - it just shows a like grey box.

Some images do if you link directly to them on the local drive.

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