DVR (RW)Drive (Pioneer 106)

  Delllboy 16:41 30 Sep 2003

I intend to install this drive on my Mesh 2.6 computer. As I find it impossible to get any help from that company, perhaps some kind soul can help?
Do I use the spare slot or subsitute it for one of the existing drives (DVD,CD/RW, or 1.44 Disc). Or,is it more complicated??

  bremner 16:49 30 Sep 2003

The choice is yours as to whether you want to add or replace. The Pioneer will do everything the Combo drive does. You may want to keep it if you want to make back up copies of your Music CD's for example. This can be done quicker with two drives than one.

If you choose to do a straight swap then ensure the jumper on the back of the Pioneer is set to master and just swap it over with the old drive.

If you decide to keep the Combo drive you will need to change the jumper on that to slave and install the Pioneer as master.

The Mesh will have spare power leads and if you look at the wide cable attached to the back of the existing drive you will see it has another connector further along the cable. Plug that into the new drive.

  Delllboy 14:54 01 Oct 2003

Thanks Bremner, but if I swop the cd/rw drive for the Pioneer,with jumper on master, it does not work. Neither does the DVD drive.
If I put the New DVR R/W Pioneer drive in the spare bay, I would also have a DVD drive and a CD/RW drive Plus 1.44 disc drive! Any suggestions.

  SEASHANTY 16:31 01 Oct 2003

If you use the spare 5.25 inch bay you will have to connect is on as slave to the Hard Driva IDE connector. This will slow down your hard drive slightly but is the only option if you want to retain your CD-RW drive and DVD-ROM drive as Master and Slave on the secondary IDE controller. The only other way is purchase a PCI slot IDE controller which would give you two extra IDE slots. You also have the power considerations to take into account. A new DVD writer will take an additional 25 - 30 watts from the PSU. Most PC manufacturers are not unduly generous with giving you more than the minimum spec PSU they can fit. Upgrades are not usually taken into consideration. I would therefore
remove the CD-RW drive and replace it with the DVD writer. The Pioneer 106 is well capable of writing CD's. Make sure you have the jumper set right.

  SEASHANTY 16:38 01 Oct 2003

Installing a DVD Writer click here

  bremner 18:02 01 Oct 2003

Im sorry I misread your post, I thought you had a DVD/CDRW Combo drive.

If you have two seperate drives then you should loose the CDRW drive.

You would then have the DVD player as slave together with the DVD Writer as Master on IDE1 and the hard drive on its own on IDE0

  y_not 21:07 01 Oct 2003

In case it helps .... I fitted an NEC DVD writer with many many problems.

Eventually worked out that there was some sort of conflict with the HP DC writer in the system .... nothing showed in device manager or anywhere else but as soon as I pulled the power cable out off the CD writer all problems disappeared.

Whilst you're setting up I would suggest that you disable any other optical drives and then, once its working okay, reconnect one at a time - I learned the hard way.

Hope it helps.


  Delllboy 10:11 03 Oct 2003

Thanks to all who posted help, the new drive is up and running! Switched the new DVD/RW drive with the old CD/RW and changed jumper from master to slave.
Many Thanks

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