Dvices not working in USB ports although memory sticks are?

  Purple Sue 16:42 16 Sep 2011

I have an Advent laptop, bought in Feb 2009. The USB ports used to work fine - with camera, GPS, i-pod. However, some time ago the laptop stopped recognising external devices, although is fine with memory sticks, my external memory device and a mini sd adapter.

Previous questions along this line are very old; is there anything I can try before I trot along to pc world?

  Diemmess 17:54 16 Sep 2011

A few more details please:

OS - Vista, XP, or have you upgraded to Win7?

Do you use a USB hub? and if so is it powered?

Finally, and please forgive the blindingly obvious, have you tried the sticks in exactly the same USB port as the other peripherals?

  Purple Sue 20:51 16 Sep 2011

Hi sorry had to make tea etc!

I am on Vista, and I have not upgraded to 7.

There are three USB ports, I have tried devices - which work on my pc - in all the ports to no avail, but the memory sticks are fine. most frustrating!

I have looked at the 'device manager', which appears to list 6 'family USB universal host controller's, 2 enhanced host controllers, 8 'root hub's and a USb card reader.

the devices used to work, then just appear to have decided not to.

Any clearer??!!

  Purple Sue 20:56 16 Sep 2011

It is an Advent 5611. have just found the manual on line so will peruse that, although not hopeful!

  rdave13 21:09 16 Sep 2011

In the start search box type device manager and click it in the list that shows. In the view tab select show hidden devices. Look for error icons. On these devices with errors right click (especially the universal serial bus controllers), then select 'disable'. You will have to expand these devices to make a thorough check. Once disabled reboot and see if your devices work. If so then you can safely remove the legacy usb drivers showing error.

  Purple Sue 21:13 16 Sep 2011

..do I right click each USB in the device manager window? under properties they all seem to say 'this device is working properly'...?

  rdave13 21:24 16 Sep 2011

Don't disable any usb controllers if showing working properly, you might lose your keyboard. Only disable devices with an error icon.

  Purple Sue 21:32 16 Sep 2011

no error icons showing.

No what??!! :-)

  rdave13 21:36 16 Sep 2011

Have a look at USBDeview

I haven't used it so you'll need to study a bit. It will remove legacy USB drivers. After you remove the legacy drivers then remember to reboot.

  rdave13 21:55 16 Sep 2011

Just ran the program but I have no legacy USB drivers showing. Would like some feedback if you don't mind. Many thanks.

  Purple Sue 22:20 16 Sep 2011

Hi Rdave - I have downloaded too,and run the USBDevice...but I do not even know what a 'legacy' device is. I can see some things there in the list (devices known to me, such as my phone etc), but don't know what to do about it. Sorry I am a bit hopeless, probably should have posted in ab beginners.

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