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DVI working through onboard, but not graphics card

  aaron.boland 08:56 11 Jul 2017

Hi everyone,

Last month, I bought and returned a graphics card because the signal (through DVI) was cutting out before the login screen, or randomly in use, or when I attempted to reinstall the Nvidia drivers.

I tried a combination of different drivers and OSes, with the same results... weird resolution on boot, then black screen before log in. Or, occasionally, it will boot successfully, then either crash or display at a low resolution.

Onboard graphics were fine, however. As such, I judged it to be a faulty card. I've now replaced the card, but I'm having the same issue. System boots, you see some activity but the screen goes black before the login screen.

I took a punt and replaced the DVI cable with a HDMI cable in the new graphics card and that works fine.

Any ideas? I'm baffled.

  • It's clearly not the video card, as the odds of two having the same issue (they're different models by different manufacturers) are not high
  • It can't be a power supply issue, because the GPU is working fine with a different connection type
  • It can't be a mobo issue, for the same reason
  • I don't understand how it can be an issue with the DVI cable when the earlier problem occurred on the GPU, while the onboard graphics were fine with the same DVI cable. Besides, I'm still getting boot screens through this cable.
  • I've tried Linux and Windows 10, open source drivers, older drivers, with the same results

My gut feeling is that this is some kind of motherboard issue, but I have no idea why this would be the case.

Perhaps the monitor is the culprit?


  • Ubuntu 16.10
  • AMD 3650k
  • 8gb ddrs3
  • Gigabyte 1050

Cheers :-)

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