peterson89 23:51 12 Apr 2006

I have just bought a TFT monitor (Formac) with a DVI interface and I need to run it from a PC which only has a VGA output. I have been advised to buy an adapter such as
click here
I am concerned that this is just a 'make do' and would the digital signal be affected by only using an adapter? Would a better option be to buy a graphics card such as
click here

  remind 00:00 13 Apr 2006

Your ebuyer link didn't work for me, but you really are better off with a card with a DVI output

  Totally-braindead 00:01 13 Apr 2006

I'm afraid both your links don't work for me but that aside. I have been told that DVI is better than VGA but having never personally seen the two side by side I can only say the difference must be quite small because I've seen both at different times and see little difference.

If my monitor had a DVI input then I would use it but I wouldn't go and buy a graphics card just for that its a waste as far as I'm concerned. If you want a newer better card anyway then fine but don't buy one just so you can use the DVI interface on your monitor.

Thats only my opinion though, perhaps others will disagree.

  remind 00:06 13 Apr 2006

Yes agreed, though it's better to use the higher quality connector, don't buy a new GFX card just for that.

  peterson89 09:01 13 Apr 2006

Thanks guys, this is really helpful, can anyone recommend a decent connecter?

  Newuser4165 09:13 13 Apr 2006

Do you mean this type of adapter:-
click here

  peterson89 09:36 13 Apr 2006

Yes, thats the sort of adapter I've been advised about, but the opposite way around, such as this click here


  hssutton 09:51 13 Apr 2006

I have the Formac 20.1" this is one super monitor and deserves a decent card.

£10 for an adaptor or £21 for Sapphire Radeon 9250 128MB AGP8x DDR 64-bit DVI-I TV-Out. No contest in my mind, Unless you have a top quality card already installed

  peterson89 10:30 13 Apr 2006

Thanks, yes, Formacs are terrific monitors, use them Macs at work, tho' I have a PC hence all my questions. I have been looking at that card..a question...I am only interested in still images (Photoshop enthusiast) so could I get away with a connector or would a card be better all round?

  hssutton 14:34 13 Apr 2006

As a photographer I use PS CS2 and find that the Formac is excellent. As I'm not into gaming I don't require a top notch card.

I find my Radion 8500 128Mb DVI card which worked perfectly with my LG 19" to be slightly lacking, for this reason I will probably replace it with the Sapphire Radeon 9600 AGP X8 256MB DDR DVI @ £40.

I always thought that you would need a DAC "digital/anologue convertor" click here, so was not aware that you could use a simple £10 connector.

If you go this route a would be very interested it the outcome.


  peterson89 23:59 06 May 2006

Well, I did get it all rigged up eventually. The simple VGA to DVI adapter did not work at all, so I bought a Club Radeon 7000 64mb and it's fine. Would there have been any advantage in getting a 128 or 256 card? I'm using PS7. When you say slightly lacking, what do you mean exactly? Paul

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