DVI to Scart or S-Video??

  Nammu 17:04 17 Sep 2007

Hi all,

I've just bought a new workstation with an Nvidia Quadro FX 3400. It has 2 DVI outs and a 3-pin DIN.

My old PC was connected to my TV via S-Video to scart. It appears it's not going to be so easy this time!

My TV has 2 scart inputs and a red/white/yellow phono input.

I can't seem to find any 3-pin DIN to scart or s-video cables. I can't find any DVI to scart or s-video cables. I also can't find any DVI or 3-pin DIN to 3 phono cables.

I thought possibly I could convert the DVI to VGA then to scart or s-video, but I'm having a problem finding a cable that does that as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might get the output to my TV?


  Quiet Life 17:57 17 Sep 2007

You are looking at more than a cable. Computer graphics and normal broadcast television are incompatible with each other. You will need some form of convertor which is normally built into graphics cards with TV out. Your card has no TV out facility and the DIN socket is only to do with enhanced stereo effects on graphics.
You will need some form of hardware covertor but I cannot help asto where you can get it.
I am sure other members will be interested if you get a solution

  Nammu 18:52 17 Sep 2007

Thanx for that. Bad news for me unfortunately cause my whole system is set up for watching tv through my pc.

I've spotted a VGA to scart lead on amazon. My workstation came with DVI to VGA coverters for plugging in my monitor. Would using a DVI to VGA converter then VGA to Scart cable work?

That's about the only thing I can think of that might get round it.

  Quiet Life 22:54 17 Sep 2007

This convertor click here looks as if it will do what you wish. There are other similar ones on the market. The Scart to VGA cables only work that way and there is no VGA to Scart cable as such.

  Nammu 10:55 21 Sep 2007

Perfect. The first converter shown, the laptop/pc to tv converter, is what i was looking at in Maplin yesterday, but £28 instead of £40.

I'll be getting that i think.

Thanx for your help!

  halcorp 11:56 29 Aug 2010

Hi, I am in a similar situation, and want to go from my pc laptop to scart. Did you find a suitable working solution in the end and if so, would you tell me what is was?


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