DVI (?) Monitor Connection

  Furkin 11:45 20 Oct 2006

it looks like i'll be getting a 19" tft monitor to replace my ailing CRT.
I have an ACER Aspire T120.
The monitors that I am looking at (cheap) seem to have DVI conectors.
I'm sure that my Acer dosn't have a DVI socket,,, so is it just a matter of getting an adaptor,,, or do I need a new card ?
Is there anything else that I ought to know please ?
thanks all

  De Marcus™ 11:46 20 Oct 2006

Just an adaptor will do if your monitor turns up without one.

  BigMoFoT 11:46 20 Oct 2006

All you'll need is a d-sub (standard monitor connection) to a DVI adapter.

  Furkin 11:59 20 Oct 2006

Thanks both,,,, I'll try to get the retailer to drop one in ????
Any idea who are doing cheap tft's at the moment ?
I've done the usual searches & it seems like £125 is about the cheapest (I saw the HannG HU196D 19" but I just don't like the look of it !)
thanks again

  De Marcus™ 12:01 20 Oct 2006
  De Marcus™ 12:02 20 Oct 2006

No need for adaptor with above model.

  Furkin 13:02 20 Oct 2006

De Marcus - thanks for that. It does look nice enough,,,, not sure if I want Widescreen tho' !
I 'think' that the only use I would have is s.sheet stuff in Excel which I only use infrequently. I don't watch TV/Movies etc on it.
Never used w.screen on a computer,,,, & I assume that you lose a bit of height for the sake of width,, to get the 19" (or am I talking b..... ?)
I did note the VGA interface tho - in my favour.
I might have a better look at w.screen in the High Street before I make my mind up.
Thanks again for your help

  De Marcus™ 19:25 20 Oct 2006

Widescreen's are great for certain aspects of computing as you describe. It's best to take a walk down the highstreet and take a look as you suggest.

  Furkin 14:29 21 Oct 2006

My CRT (ACER) is away at the moment being fixed. I have planted the seed that if it isn't worth repairing, that I'd 'consider' a tft replacement (!!)
I was hoping to have heard from them by now,,,, but as soon as I do, I'll know which way to jump.

If they don't replace it, i'll use it on Puter number 2, as this 'stand-in' monitor (Daewoo) has gone very soft through non use (I assume) & i'll get a 4-3 ratio tft for now.

Thanks for your advice

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