gengiscant 19:19 24 Feb 2010

Now that I have settled on the Dell U2410 24" IPS Widescreen monitor, would it be a good idea to buy a DVI TO DVI cable?
The other question is does it matter that my HD 5770 graphics card has twin DVI-1 connectors and the monitor has a DVI-D connector?
Sorry one last question I have VGA to DVI adapters are they just as good?

  Bapou 19:26 24 Feb 2010

"Now that I have settled on the Dell U2410 24" IPS Widescreen monitor, would it be a good idea to buy a DVI TO DVI cable?"

Answer: Yes.

I was checking on this model arlier today and when seeing a DVI cable is not provided I came away.

  Bapou 19:30 24 Feb 2010

Here's a good link which will help you much more than I can:

click here

  GaT7 20:39 24 Feb 2010

First off I've got to say excellent choice of monitor. I didn't suggest it in your other threads as you were specifically looking for a 26" or above screen.

Don't buy a DVI cable as they include one in the box - this is mentioned on their website anyway - see click here, then click on the Tech Specs tab & look under 'What's in the box'. They also include a DisplayPort cable (digital connection found on the newer ATI 5xxx series cards).

Where did you buy the monitor from btw? Did you buy it from PCBuyIt click here? They may be the cheapest (~£430 delivered?), & also have excellent warranty terms.


DVI, being a digital signal, no conversion to analogue needs to takes place at any point, so the signal is considered to be pure. It either works or it doesn't - there are no half measures.

Whenever VGA/analogue is concerned (including with analogue adapters), the digital signal coming out of your graphics card gets converted to analogue so the signal is less pure. Because of this, variations in picture quality (incl ghosting, blurriness, colour changes) can take place, including if the cable/connector is partly working or partially connected. G

  GaT7 20:42 24 Feb 2010

Having said the above regarding VGA/analogue connections, I cannot tell the difference between a screen connected via DVI or VGA. It's only when the VGA connection/cable is a bit dodgy that I can tell the difference. G

  gengiscant 10:34 25 Feb 2010

I think you will find that they do come with a cable,thanks for the link,it has told all I need to know.

  Woolwell 11:00 25 Feb 2010

Agree that is difficult to tell the difference in display between VGA and DVI but I have found that with a DVI connection the monitor and the graphics card seem to "talk" to each other and obtain the right graphics settings automatically.

  Bapou 12:03 25 Feb 2010

Regarding the provision of DVI cable, I had previously read this review before commenting, click here which mentions the lack of the DVI cable and dated 9th January 2010.

Strange that Dell have not contradicted this reviewer. I thought, excellent monitor, cheapskates Dell not providing the cable.

I'm more than happy to be contradicted by Crossbow 7's comments after checking the link. Dell are not cheapskates after all.

  Bapou 12:06 25 Feb 2010

Apologies, above is wrong link to review.

click here Hopefully this opens correctly.

  Bapou 12:08 25 Feb 2010

Nope, it won't link correctly. For review follow the blue, 6 reviews, link then next page to the first 4.

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