DVI connection

  sdf 19:12 14 Oct 2004

can anyone tell me where i might be able to purchase (as neither my x800 graphics card nor my Iiyama E431 came with one :-S) at a reasonable price (ie not £30 for a piece of wire from PC world!) a DVI cable? I might just be being a bit blonde but I cannot seem to find one anywhere!

  frankie 19:22 14 Oct 2004

try the smaller independant pc shops i got one for 14.00.its a joke they dont include one i think

  sdf 19:31 14 Oct 2004

i quite agree... what would it cost them to bundle a DVI cable with top of the range graphics cards &/or monitors, a quid or sommin? I understand economics but to me that just says cheap - and when you are payin for premium products "cheap" gets on my nerves. Rant over :-)

  john-232317 19:48 14 Oct 2004

Off Google

click here

or Ebay, loads on google

  igr 21:17 14 Oct 2004

Got to say that when I got my Acer TFT it came with about 6 cables giving every combination connection including DVI. So I have got a 5 cables I will probably never have to use - and if they are'worth' what you say they are I have a nice little earner.

Well done Acer

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