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  Scorpion Bay 23:13 05 May 2008

I have a desktop PC that I wish to a PC using a DVI/HDMI Cable. With my old monitor (using a male DVI/male DVI cable) the sound worked perfectly. With the DVI/HDMI cable, I get no sound (I know the computer is 'recognising' sound, as I have a guage at the front of the case giving me a dB reading).

On the DVI end, instead of there being 24 little pins (3 x 8), there are about 9 little pins missing (a 3 x 3 gap in the middle). Does anyone know if those missing pins would be the cause of the lack of sound? All the other connections are exactly the same as with the old monitor.

  MCE2K5 23:27 05 May 2008

No Audio on DVI.

  MCE2K5 23:29 05 May 2008

DVI Pinout Table click here

  [email protected] 23:58 05 May 2008

You will need to connect a 3.5mm jack cable from the sound output of your computer (usually a small green hole, the same size as a small headphone socket) to the monitor. As MCE2K5 says, a DVI cable is for video only (unlike HDMI cables used for TVs).

  Scorpion Bay 10:16 06 May 2008

I already have the 3.5mm cable connected. It worked fine with the old monitor. The new monitor doesn't seem to have sound on it. Both monitors are TV's that are designed to be PC monitors as well. Looks like I'll have to get in touch with the manufacturers. Thanks!

  [email protected] 11:27 06 May 2008

What exactly is the 3.5mm cable connected to at the other end?

I can think of a few possible set ups:

1) The monitor/TV has a 3.5mm input in which case you should be able to connect the 3.5mm cable direct from your PC to the monitor/TV.

2) The TV has component inputs in which case you will have to use a 3.5mm to component cable.

3) You are required to use the HDMI port in which case you will need a cable that has both a DVI and a 3.5mm jack at one end and a HDMI connector at the other end.

  Scorpion Bay 23:05 06 May 2008

Thanks for your response.

The TV has a 3.5mm input on it, which the cable is plugged into. Each input is given a number to make it easier to organise on the screen when switching between various devices (eg, 1 = SCART, 2 = HDMI, 3 = HDMI etc). The PC is connected into an input which is listed in the manual as being specifically for a PC, as it has the HDMI and 3.5mm socket together.

Just in case it is number three, do you know where I can get the cable you mention?

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