DVI and Analogue usage?

  anskyber 22:09 14 Jan 2006

I currently run my PC with two screens which I find very useful. I propose to change my PC for a more up to date model which has a DVI output and and analogue output from the video card. I intend to use the primary screen from the DVI output of the PC (for better picture quality) and the secondary screen from the analogue output. A local PC supplier says that I cannot do this since the digital signal and the analogue cannot be used in tandem. Any thoughts on how I can use 2 screens in DVI and analogue?

  Skyver 22:15 14 Jan 2006

What video card do you have?
click here

  Skyver 22:18 14 Jan 2006

Sorry my mistake, what is the spec of the machine you want to upgrade to?

  anskyber 22:22 14 Jan 2006

None at the moment because I shall be upgrading my PC, I amm thinking of a Dell 9150 but I am not sure which video card they use. Checking it is the 256MB ATI Radeon X600 or upgrade to 256MB nVidea GeForce 6800

  anskyber 22:23 14 Jan 2006

Broadly speaking this spec click here

  Skyver 22:30 14 Jan 2006

I don't have personal experience of this, but from what I've read some graphics cards will do DVI/VGA simultaneously and some won't - all I could suggest is get a user manual for the cards in question and check the specs, or call Dell before you purchase.

  Skyver 22:31 14 Jan 2006

Or keep `bumping` your post until someone more knowledgable on this forum can enlighten you :)

  anskyber 22:34 14 Jan 2006

Thanks Skyver Ill do just that.

  007al 22:43 14 Jan 2006

A card with two DVI outputs will connect to both screens as long as the card is dual output.For the analogue screen there is usually a converter from Digital to Analogue supplied with the card

  rupie 23:05 14 Jan 2006

I have a radion X800 graphics card and I run 2 displays of it at trhe same time. it has both a vga and a dvi socket. One display is a crt and 1 is an lcd. both have vga only connectors. The card came with a dvi-vga adaptor and whan this is connected to the dvi socket averything works. I think you have to boot up with the vga first or the card only sees a dvi signal but you will have to experement. the card may choose a primary output and as duel display is not set at install 1 output may not work until activated.

  anskyber 23:14 14 Jan 2006

Thanks rupie. I was hoping to run DVI and analogue but to teo different screens ie asking the video card to run DVI and analogue at the same time

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