DVI Adapter Wont fit in hitachi 42pd5200e

  Lynda Warbis 16:23 20 Jan 2018

I recently brought a hitachi 42pd5200e and was aware it didn't have an hdmi port. I wanted to connect my computer to it which i can with a vga cable into the rgb2 port. But the quality isnt great and there a red lines on the screen when i try watching something mainly over the dark areas. I purchased a dvi adapter as i read that it would make it better quality but it doesn't fit. After doing some more googling i think i may have got the wrong one as i got a 4pin.

So what im asking is do i need a 1pin DVI D adapter? And will this solve the quality issues im having.

Thanks in advance.

  alanrwood 19:22 20 Jan 2018

There is no such thing as a single pin DVI adaptor

Have a look at

click here look at your TV DVI input and Computer DVI output sockets and see what type they are. Then you can decide what type of adaptor you need.


  BRYNIT 19:54 20 Jan 2018

From the instruction manual on the web it indicates that the connection on your TV is a DVI-D. You could look at your instruction manual to confirm this or have a read of CLICK HERE as it will show you the difference between DVI-D and a DVI-I connection

  Lynda Warbis 02:30 21 Jan 2018

So from what i have read i wont be able to connect the tv to the computer and use it as a monitor through DVI D? It works with a vga cable but when i watch a video there are lots of red lines over the dark areas.

  Jollyjohn 12:44 21 Jan 2018

Google for DVI - VGA adapter - here's one from eBay -click here I use one of these for a second monitor on my PC. ( I have vga - vga monitor one and dvi - adapter - vga for monitor two. The monitors only have vga inputs.)

  alanrwood 15:09 21 Jan 2018


The OP needs a way of connecting to a DVI-D (Digital only) port on her TV not a VGA port ie VGA to DVI-D. Don't think there is such a thing unless it involves a conversion circuit ie analogue to digital. If you need to feed analogue into a DVI socket it needs to be DVI-I.

  alanrwood 15:13 21 Jan 2018


What other video outputs does your computer have besides VGA or what Video card is installed. If it is a laptop then what is the model.

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