DVI to 15 pin D-Subminiture connector

  ACOLYTE 13:50 10 Nov 2005

Can you connect a DVI out from a graffix card to D-Subminiture connector input on the monitor?

  ACOLYTE 20:27 14 Nov 2005

I currently have BNC connectors,i wonted DVI from the Gcard to the monitor because according to what i have read,plug and play doesnt work with BNC.

  DieSse 22:35 14 Nov 2005

Your BNC connectors should give you better quality - using the VGA connectors involves conversions to and from analogue which are unnecessary.

Plug and play is not really required on a monitor - the monitor type can be readily selected in various Windows versions, and there is no real software difference in using different monitors.

Do you have any kind of monitor problem? - Why do you think you need Plug & Pray?

  ACOLYTE 00:51 15 Nov 2005

Modern monitors are Plug & Play (VESA/DDC) compatible. Windows detects them automatically and optimises the refresh rates automatically.

You cannot fix this if your monitor is not Plug & Play - unless you buy a new one. If your monitor is PnP but your video card is, make sure that you buy one that supports PnP when you decide to replace it. If both are PnP, make sure you have the latest driver and video BIOS for your video card. If you have a BNC cable you need to use the standard 15-pin one - PnP does not work over BNC.

So i thought if i get a cable with DVI to VGA i would get a better picture.
But if i dont need it then im happy)

  DieSse 09:32 15 Nov 2005

If you go to the Control panel, and select Display, you should be able to set the resolution and refresh rate from the monitor properties.

  ACOLYTE 11:18 15 Nov 2005

I currently have [email protected] this is a good setup for me but now and then the monitor flickers when i right click files,i just thought a DVI setup would stop this.

  DieSse 13:35 15 Nov 2005

The flicker you see when right-clicking won't be due to your monitor setup. I would recommend you to leave things as there are. You ceratinly won't improve anything by using the VGA connector in place of BNCs.

  ACOLYTE 13:42 15 Nov 2005

Ok,thx for the help i will leave the setup alone and keep the BNC connectors,what would cuase the flicker if its not the monitor setup?.

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