DVD's wont' work on home dvd player

  naggis 09:45 31 Mar 2005

I have just bought a second batch of Datawrite Red DVD -R blank discs. Previously dvds writen on this media have worked ok on my home dvd player. This lates batch don't. I have tried writing a dvd file which worked on the previous batch but no good.
Can anyone tell me what is going on.

  fitcher 12:23 31 Mar 2005

was your dvds made on your computer .because your home player may not play them ..have you noticed the price of dvd players for computers have dropped to £36 quid (scan),no ones buying them ,and why? they are rubbish in my estimation .lets see .when the blue ray comes out and they settle on plus or minus .

  The Sack 12:30 31 Mar 2005

What a load of garbage, the reason why they are 36 quid is because everyone is buying them. Blu-Ray work on the exact same principle but with a different wavelength blue laser rather than a near visible red one, given the lands/pits and burn marks are going it be even smaller what leads you to believe it will be a more resiliant format?

Back to the original question, Datawrite Reds historicaly are poor discs and normaly use a really nasty dye, the chances are you got a bad tub.

  Confab 12:32 31 Mar 2005

A duff batch perhaps. Very frustrating but it might be worth a trip back to where you got them from or trying someone elses DVD player/recorder.

fitcher - DVD writers have not dropped in price because they are naff and no ones buying them. Quite the opposite it in fact.

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