DVD's will not play - Please help

  Tenacious Green 11:22 24 Oct 2004

I for some unknown reason can no longer play DVS's on my PC using Interactual and Windows media player 10. I have tried numerous things to resolve this not list most of the stuff mentioned click here

The message I get when I try to play on Interactual is

Error PL4013: Playback failed due to a problem with the video subsystem. You may be using an unsupported display mode or your system may not have a working decoder installed. Please ensure that your DVD decoder is functioning properly by launching it from Start | Programs. Click “Help Online” for details on how to correct this problem.

  Tenacious Green 11:27 24 Oct 2004

The message I get on WM10 is

Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. Open Display in Control Panel, and then lower your screen resolution and color quality settings. To view the DVD Troubleshooter, click More Information.

Changing the display settings do not work. I have update the graphics driver (Intel 82865G Graphics controller) and I have ensured Direct X is up to date and still no joy.

I do not run netmeeting and cannot find any terminal service clients running.

The only thing I havn't done is downloaded Micosoft DVD Codecs as per link, but surely that would have been part and parcel of WM10.

Please help

  JonnyTub 11:31 24 Oct 2004

dvd playback codec aren't included in media player unfortunately, you hace to purchase them. On the other hand there are free alternatives widely available and used. download the kazaa codecs from click here the full standard version is sufficient, don't bother with the mega version

  Tenacious Green 12:19 24 Oct 2004

Thanks, but not sure about KAAZA, I'd prefer one without spy/adware. What's puzzling me is that prior to updating to WM10 I could play DVD'S. I have the codec FFDSHOW, but having run compatibility program that it is no compatible.
Any other suggestions would be grateful.

  Jakey boy 12:52 24 Oct 2004

....I had a similar problem which was resolved by installing the Cliprex DVD player software. Download from click here

I assume the codecs supplied with this resolved it.

  Tenacious Green 14:27 24 Oct 2004

Yep, Decoder was the problem. It was not compatible. Will get a decent one I think like PowerDVD. Thanks

  JonnyTub 21:14 24 Oct 2004

aoplogies for my rahter blaringly obvious mistake regarding the upgrade, as for kazaa codecs being full of spyware and adaware (which i can fully understand you thinking so) they're simply not, I wouldn't have put the link forward otherwise. Kazaa has a bad, bad name, the codecs they supply are really rather good though.

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