DVDs Not Recognised

  The Teacher 22:01 28 May 2011

I have just had the DVD/CD drive replaced in my Acer Aspire 7112WSMi laptop. It is supposed to be a like for like replacement, i.e DVD super multi double layer supporting DVD+R double layer, DVD+-RW.

However when I use Nero Info it tells me it supports all formats, not a problem.

The problem is that Nero Info tells me what type of DVD I have in, how much space there is etc., etc., BUT My Computer tells me that I have no bytes free space AND no bytes used space, no matter what blank DVD format I put in I can play data and film DVDs, play and record CDs without a problem, I just cannot record to blank DVDs.

I have been back on to the company that fitted the drive but is there anything I can do myself before it has to go back, or does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?


  rdave13 22:06 28 May 2011

It's a duff optical drive. A diode, for the laser, that allows it to burn isn't working.

  eedcam 22:15 28 May 2011

My Computor showing that means nowt thats windows rubbish,Are you saying that when you go to burn, Nero does not accept that you have put a blank drive in. What program are you trying to burn with

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 28 May 2011

XP cannot burn to DVDs on its own you need to do it through nero or other burning software.

If Vista W7 or using other software then likely as above DVD burn laser gone.

  The Teacher 22:24 28 May 2011

Nero Info shows all the info for the DVD, type etc., but no matter what software I use I cannot burn to DVD, I can burn to CD without a problem. Nero recognises that there is a DVD inserted but as I said, if I click properties on my computer I get 0 bytes free and 0 bytes used space, with the diagram of the drive showing that is full, i.e. coloured blue.

  rdave13 22:25 28 May 2011


The Teacher says quite plainly that Nero is used to 'burn' DVDs. Regardless of which OS is being used the drive won't burn to blank DVDs

  rdave13 22:26 28 May 2011

It's a duff optical drive.

  eedcam 23:48 28 May 2011

RDave I would agree after his second post where he said no software would burn but his first post was only referring to nero that initself would not mean it had to be the drive . Only trying to rule out any other possibilities for that matter it could even be the media itself. Teacher have you tried a different Brand of dvd let alone another format +/- to what you are using . Fruitbat XP will burn to dvd what it uses I know not as it dont show but just right clicking and copy to dvd and it happens

  rdave13 00:03 29 May 2011

eedcam Xp will only copy and paste to a recognised disc in CD unless you have an installed DVD program. Can't remember the usual DVD freebie that usually accompanied a pc with oem Windows.

  BRYNIT 00:34 29 May 2011

Win Xp when viewing from My computer/explorer it will always show blank CD/DVDs as full, Win XP cannot read from a blank disk.

Nero info tool will read the disk installed and give full details of free space, it will also give details on what disks your CD/DVD drive can read and write too.

If the Nero you are using was supplied with your computer its more likely to be an OEM version and may be tied to the original drive supplied with the laptop. You could try downloading a more up to date trial version of Nero or one of the free burning programs this will tell you if the problem is software.

  RussB78 13:12 29 May 2011

You can get Ashampoo Burning Suite 6 for free and that will work just fine with Windows XP Click Here It`s worth a try.

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